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We are a team of expert garage builders committed to designing varieties of architectural styles for our esteemed homeowners in Charleston, SC. Rather you can see yourself in a single car garage or a massive garage with living space, we can help you.

Carport Services

A custom carport protects your cars against frost on the windshield as well as offering better ventilation than an enclosed garage.

One car garage

One Car Garage

One-car garage plans are designed to protect and shelter one only car. We offer you a variety of styles that match your home.

Two Car Garage

Two-car detached garages add value to your home and make it look pleasant with its various architectural styles and design.

Garage with living space

A garage with living space can add a beautiful extension to your home with additional living space for family or guests

Carriage House Garage

Our carriage house garages are designed like a two or three-car detached garage with a living space above them.

Two Story Garage

The two-story garage comes in different styles, designs, and sizes depending on your preference, space, and financial capacity.

During Framing

Prior to build

Footings getting Dug in Charleston

Framing Stage of this Front Porch

Framing Room Daniel Island

Steps and Deck rear view

Deck Charleston 29492

Framing Addition Daniel Island

Finished Garage

Prior to build side yard

Garage brick work

Framing Garage Charleston


Green Garage Builders

We can help develop a game plan to build with renewable materials as well as developing a waste plan for any debris left on site.


Hi Tech Garages

We have some fans that use their garage as a man cave so we have to wire for surround sound and televisions, sometimes extreme lighting as well.


Carriage House Garages

These guys have become popular over the years, if I had to say one garage we build more than the others, is this Carraige house design, in the lowcountry these are popular

Benefits of adding a Garage to your home

Aside from adding curb appeal to your home, here are a few benefits to adding garage space to your home:

  • Our garages can be custom built to your specifications

  • A new garage could increase the property value of your home

  • A garage can increase space for storage and other personal belongings

  • Protects your vehicle, boat, golf cart, or motorcycle from the elements and keeps you warm and dry

  • Adds additional space for a living space, a workshop, or a home office

Some of the other benefits of having a DETACHED Garage are as follows as well.

  • No risk of fire burning down the home from working in the garage.
  • If your in a loud environment ,with saws,compressors,etc running ,it can be loud
  • Dust can be a issue if your career requires dust
  • Location, some lots dont allow for additions to homes

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Client Testimonials

Built a garage for us this past year, we are extremely happy with these guys, they are just trying to make a living. God Bless

Robert S

Yellow Pages

This company actually didnt build me anything but they did remodeling on my garage and turned it into living room. Great job and the workers were freindly,surprised

Harry K

I had Garage Builder build my single car garage in Mt Pleasant , old town area, its a carraige house style garage, its so cute, I love these guys

Jessica P

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