We Build Beautiful Garages For Charleston Homes

At Charleston Garage Builders, we offer various types of carport and detached garages. You can choose from any of our specialized garage services to suits your needs. Some of the types of garages we build include:

  • Carriage House Garage
  • Detached Garage
  • Garage with Living Space
  • Studio Garage
  • Two Story Garage
  • Carports

Charleston Garage Building Services

We are a team of expert garage builders committed to designing varieties of architectural styles for our esteemed homeowners in Charleston, SC.

Charleston Carport

Carport Services

A custom carport protects your cars against frost on the windshield as well as offering better ventilation than an enclosed garage.

→ Carport Services

Charleston Detached One-Care Garage

Detached One-Car Garage

One-car garage plans are designed to protect and shelter one only car. We offer you a variety of styles that match your home.

→ Detached One-Car Garage

Charleston Detached Two-Car Garage

Detached Two-Car Garage

Two-car detached garages add value to your home and make it look pleasant with its various architectural styles and design.

→ Detached Two-Car Garage

Charleston Garage With Living Space

Garage With Living Space

A garage with living space can add a beautiful extension to your home with additional living space for family or guests.

→ Garage With Living Space

Charleston Carriage House Garage

Carriage House Garage

Our carriage house garages are designed like a two or three-car detached garage with a living space above them.

→ Carriage House Garage

Two-Story Garage

The two-story garage comes in different styles, designs, and sizes depending on your preference, space, and financial capacity.

→ Two-Story Garage